Our Firm

The Brady Law Firm concentrates its practice in real estate and civil litigation. This broad umbrella allows clients to bring almost any legal issue to an attorney they know and trust. Our attorneys are available to assist with landlord/tenant matters, real estate matters, contract disputes, consumer issues, wills, and employment matters.

The Brady Law Firm attorneys boast 25 years’ experience practicing in the various Delaware Courts. Our attorneys have practiced in each of the Delaware Courts including: Justice of the Peace Courts, the Court of Common Pleas, Superior Court, the Court of Chancery, Bankruptcy Court, Family Court, and the District Court for the District of Delaware.

The Brady Law Firm provides exceptional representation and attention to detail for down-to-earth fees. Our attorneys are approachable and relatable; they understand the client’s need for timely and candid advice. Brady Law clients are treated with respect and courtesy at all times; our attorneys are responsive and forthright. We return phone calls and emails in a timely manner and we say what we mean-in plain English.

Our real estate clients range from landlords, property managers, and condominium associations to tenants and homebuyers. No matter how or why you are involved in a real property transaction or dispute, we can assist you.
While outcomes can never be guaranteed, we promise to employ our best efforts on your behalf. Brady Law also assists with Project Rightful Owner matters wherein we assist foreclosed homeowners in recovering proceeds they may be owed after a Sheriff’s Sale.

Our contract clients come from all walks of life. Whether someone has failed to perform under a contract, or failed to pay you for work or services you have performed, The Brady Law Firm can help you recover what you are rightfully owed.

Our consumer clients have been promised one thing and received another, whether that is goods or services. The Brady Law Firm is able to help you determine what you may be entitled to, and help you recover.

Everyone should have a will. Most people know this, yet, so few of us take the time to make a will. Let us guide you through the process and decision making so you can sleep easy knowing your affairs are in order.

Our employment law clients are both employers and employees. We help employers draft enforceable confidentiality and non-compete agreements for employees to execute. We also represent “former employees” who have been served with “cease and desist” demands from a previous employer. Additionally, we can assist “former employees” who have not been timely paid in recovering the wages owed them.